Our positioning: nurturing an early makers’ state of mind

The early makers strategy caters to new training needs

As people learn in new ways, we are rethinking the traditional value chain of training. For students and professionals, assimilating and applying knowledge certified by a diploma or certificate is no longer enough. The entrepreneurs of tomorrow will be visionaries, shapers of the future, with a capacity to anticipate and innovate, to experiment and to transform. It is our role to help foster that early maker mindset. Skills will be the bedrock on which we build our future success, as we rethink our conventional approach to our programmes, courses and materials. Early makers are people who can take their destiny into their own hands, who shape and mold their existence as part of a collaborative process, moving from “Do It Yourself” to “Do It Together”.

They are innovators who can bring their projects to fruition, who move from concept to prototype, who try, experiment, make mistakes, start again, and learn as they go. They can combine this dimension of doing and doing quickly; they are able to anticipate, bat ideas around, improve them, see things before others do, and do things faster than others. They work in a multi-disciplinary environment, taking advantage of the diverse profiles. They are familiar with new technologies and their potential. They are open to the world and to social issues.