What are early makers?

A mindset accessible to all


Being an early maker is not a function, a reserved field, or a question of age. It's a state of mind and an ability to take action. Everyone is a potential early maker in their own way, able to show who they are according to their style and personality, in a specific situation or context, whether in a company, association, at school or in their personal life.

A new generation of leaders


Early makers are a new generation of leaders, capable of seizing opportunities created by technological, scientific, political and social revolutions to create radically new solutions. Through them, companies will be able to reinvent business models and ways of working together.

co-creating your learning


Early makers trained at emlyon business school are entrepreneurs who co-create their learning courses. Our role is to make this joint development easier by creating a favorable working environment, offering education based on experience and action learning, and providing the necessary resources to promote independent learning.

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