Welcome to the Data R&D Institute !


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The Institute aims at developing data-centric bridges with academic research, pedagogy, and to and from business and society at large.

  • Empirical academic research is by definition intimately familiar with data, qualitative and quantitative. Yet in the last two decades, several fields have developed epistemologies focusing on an inductive approach supported by the extensive collection of quantitative data and analysis (“big data”, “computational social sciences”). It is essential to engage with these developments, both as critical observers and participants. In this spirit, the Institute aims at developing new collaborations between management science, computer science, and applied mathematics among others; we have already started doing so with Université Lyon 1 and Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.
  • “Data” as a subject also introduces major economic, cultural and social challenges, from new business models to the protection of personal data. Each of the functions of a business, from finance to HR, can study these challenges from their own viewpoint. But it is relevant to develop a forum where each of these specialties can meet and compare their approach to develop transversal methods and projects, and possibly a common vision. In particular, the Data R&D Institute aims at becoming a vehicle for corporate partnerships with the school, where collecting and using data become central dimensions in business strategy.
  • Education needs to scale to address the volume of quantitative data in the enterprise today. Business schools can provide the perfect environment to train a variety of audiences in the managerial, entrepreneurial, and societal consequences of this phenomenon - which require some essential technical skills. Developing this ambitious educational program requires the creation of new pedagogical programmes and the recruitment of instructors with the requisite skills, in the context of a very competitive job market facing our students. 

The Institute aims at making a contribution on the 3 dimensions above (academic research, development including partnerships & education) with a steering committee made of:

  • Clément Levallois, director of the Institute
  • Jean Savinien, head of the Research Center of the Institute
  • Lynn Cherny, head of Development
  • Renaud Demesmay, as the administrator of the Institute and in charge of business relations (business development and partnerships).

The Data R&D Institute aims to be a multi-campus initiative, open to the multiple ecosystems of the school, and fostering a richer makers’ ethic in our students.  The Institute’s activities can be seen on data.em-lyon.com.