Conference Papers


Please find below the list of papers accepted for presentation at the conference. They are in alphabetical order of the first author's last name.


Alperovych, Groh, Quas - When Can Government Venture Capital Funds Bridge The Equity Gap?


Andrieu, Staglianò, van der Zwan - Bank Debt And Trade Credit For SMEs: International Evidence


Awounou-N’Dri, Desbrières - Why Do Venture Capital Companies Syndicate? Some New Insights


Baldock, North, Mac an Bhaird - The Role of Government Venture Capital Funds: Recent lessons from the UK experience


Bellucci, Pennacchio, Zazzaro - Place-based support for R&I An empirical evaluation of regional subsidies for SMEs


Bertoni, Le Nadant, Perdreau - Innovation in LBO companies


Bertoni, Quas - The electoral cycle of government venture capital investments


Blaseg, Koetter - Friend or foe? Crowdfunding versus credit when banks are stressed


Bonini, Capizzi, Valetta, Zocchi - Groups, networks and business angels’ investment process (Updated 11JUL2016)


Borello, De Crescenzo, Pichler - Crowdinvesting And Venture Capital: Complements Or Competitors? Empirical Evidence From The European Crowdinvesting Campaigns


Buchner, Kaserer, Wagner - Private Equity Funds: Valuation, Systematic Risk and Illiquidity


Burkhardt - Private Equity Investors as Matchmakers Alliance Formation between PE-backed firms


Chevalier, Sannajust - LBO performance in emerging economies: a comparative study in Latin America and Asia


Cole, Sokolyk - Debt Financing, Survival, and Growth of Start-Up Firms


Colombo, D’Adda, Quas - The geography of Venture Capital: looking at the demand side


Colombo, Shafi - Does crowdfunding help firms obtain venture capital and angel finance?


Cumming, Zhang - Are Crowdfunding Platforms Active and Effective Intermediaries?


Dietsch, Düllmann, Fraisse, Koziol, Ott - Support for the SME supporting factor - Multi-Country empirical evidence on systematic risk factor for SME loans


Dubocage, Sannajust - Are staging and syndication good predictors of performance for venture-backed companies? Empirical evidence from the U.S. context


Espenlaub, Khurshed, Mohamed, Saadouni - Committed Anchor Investment and IPO Survival –The Roles of Cornerstone and Strategic Investors


Giraudo, Giudici, Grilli - Industrial policy and the financing of young innovative companies: evidence from the Italian Startup Act (Updated Version)


Goktan, Muslu - Benefits of Public Reporting: Evidence from IPOs Backed by Listed Private Equity Firms


Hammer, Hinrichs, Schweizer - Parenting Effects Through Private Equity? Evidence from Buy-and-Build Strategies


Hass, Shum, Tarsalewska - Labor unemployment costs and venture capital investment


Henrekson, Sanandaji - Stock Option Taxation and Venture Capital Activity A Cross-Country Comparison


Herve, Manthe, Sannajust, Schwienbacher - Investor Motivations in Investment-Based Crowdfunding


Hesse, Lutz, Talmor - Patent Activity Of Start-Ups And The Structuring Of Venture Lending Contracts


Hornuf, Schwienbacher - Portal Design and Funding Dynamics in Crowdinvesting


Ilg - Value Creation Drivers in Large Leveraged Buyouts


Iliev, Lowry - Venturing Beyond the IPO: Venture Capitalists’ Investments in Newly Public Firms


Jiang - Banks in the VC Market


Johan, Zhang - Reporting Bias in Private Equity: Reporting Frequency, Endowments, and Governance


Kaminski, Hopp, Tykvova - New Technology Assessment in Entrepreneurial Financing - Can Crowdfunding Predict Venture Capital Investments?


Leboeuf - Does the Crowd Forgive?


Manigart, Meuleman, Neckebrouck - Working For Divergent Principals: Effects Of Private Equity On Employment Practices In Family Firms


Mason, Baldock - Developing a Globalisation of Venture Capital Thesis: How Are Small, Peripheral Economies Seeking To Establish Sustainable Venture Capital Ecosystems?


McNamara, Murro, O Donohoe - An Evaluation of Country Characteristics in the Capital Structure of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises


Mehra, Seth - New VC Funds, Selective VC Networks & Fund Performance (Updated Version #2)


Mrkajic, Murtinu, Scalera - Is Green the New Gold? Venture Capital and Green Entrepreneurship


Signori, Meoli, Vismara - Changes in regulation: the effects of increased compliance and proprietary disclosure costs on IPOs


Signori, Vismara - Returns on Investments in Equity Crowdfunding


Söffge, Braun - Buyout Transactions in the German-speaking Region: Determinants of Abnormal Performance and Unlevered Returns


Tavares-Gärtner, Pereira, Brandão - Should Public Venture Capitalists Invest, Co-Invest, Or Not Invest In Start-Up Firms?


Tykvova - Legal framework quality and success of (different types of) venture capital investments


Vanacker, Deloof - Credit Availability, Start-up Financing, and Survival: Evidence from the Recent Financial Crisis


Vilanova - Financing and managerial support with (some) optimistic entrepreneurs


Wang, Yung - IPO quantity revisions


Wirtz, Bonnet, Cohen - Angel Cognition and Active Involvement in BAN Governance and Manageme


Xu, Jing, Nan, Tian - The Dark Side of Political Connections in Access to Finance: Evidence from the Use of Trade Credit of Entrepreneurial Firms in China 


Yamada - She’s Got a Ticket to Underwrite: How do Banks Expand their Market Share when They Enter the Underwriting Market?